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The core crew of One Million Steps are Eva Stotz, filmmaker from Berlin and Marije Nie, tap dancer from Amsterdam. In April 2013 the One Million Steps team started their film and (tap)dance experiment about human steps in the streets of Istanbul – booming metropolis on two continents. Unexpectedly, the courageous and creative Turkish protests in June 2013, with Gezi Park at it’s symbolic heart, transformed the film into something more powerful, documenting the struggle for freedom, human space and diversity in an autocratic system.


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Did you ever think about the millions of steps we take in our lives? How we take them and where they take us? Some are serene, some hectic, taken with attention on each step or routinely and functionally, with the mind on the destination. Do we sometimes loose sight of the many possiblities on the way? Intrigued by these questions we decided to take a closer look at feet in action, in order to make something visible that is often a disregarded but essential part of our lives.
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Dance, when you’re broken open.
Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off.
Dance in the middle of the fighting.
Dance in your blood.
Dance when you’re perfectly free.
― Mevlana Rumi

In “One Million Steps” we follow the vibrant rhythmic sound of a tap dancer’s feet on the streets of Istanbul, seeking interaction with the people. How do they move through this city in flux, rapidly transforming from an ancient culture into a global metropolis? Then suddenly the beat of Istanbul changes, the feet creating a different rhythm and voices demanding to be heard.  “One Million Steps” tells the stories of these days of protest in Istanbul, with rhythm as the universal language, representing the millions of steps we take in our lives – and the freedom we want for them.


One Million Steps, nearing completion

We are very proud of the new preview, bringing together the the material from the protests with our original shoot.
As the film is nearing completion, we are again looking for additional support to finish this incredible film to professional standards. We still need to do the last editing, sound design and color correction. Please help us bring One Million Steps into the world!


What happened? Barely two months after our shoot in Istanbul in April 2013, thousands of people stopped walking their normal steps and were swept onto the streets, looking for a new way... We went back to capture this atmosphere of change, the stories of people, turning One Million Steps into a document of an extraordinary time.



We produce this film independently as it’s important for us that this project stays open and close to you. Therefore we started a Crowdfunding Campaign. Every  support, big and small, is greatly appreciated and will help us move.Read More

Tap Dance

Our intention is to capture the rhythm of a modern city in film, to interpret it through dance, and to see what happens when we change the functional movements that make us move the most efficient from A to B. Dance liberates first our feet, then our spirit, and makes us realize the many possiblites that lie within the smallest unit of a movement – a step.
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While filming in Istanbul and especially Gezi Park, we collected stories of the people who we met. From a taxidriver in Kadiköy to a young protester in Gezi, their stories give us a personal insight into the steps people took in their lives.
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When the film is finished we are looking forward to special events where we link the screening with a live dance concert of tap dancer Marije Nie, and dance / rhythm workshops to explore your own steps. For more information or to book your own event, contact us here.Read More

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